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Do you get anxiety on Sunday nights dreading getting up in the morning and going to work?

Are you sitting on your couch on the weekends wondering how you got here?

If any of those sound familiar then read on! This guide will put you a bit ahead of the curve in learning how to leave the rat race and take your life back by making your own money with an internet business:

• Browse the internet and get a feel for what online businesses are out there. There is a lot of hype out there, so do your research.

• Carve out 2 to 3 hours a day that you will dedicate to taking action on your new internet business. Make the commitment to your future and stick with these hours!

• Write down the reasons you want to have your own online internet business, you’ll need this when you hit roadblocks.

• Find others that are successful with an online business and follow them.

• Listen and read all the best authors on changing your mindset to be an entrepreneur.

For those who want to escape the Rat Race, let me tell you it’s not impossible! It simply requires some thinking and some action on your part.

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Here’s to your success and happiness.

Now’s The Moment is dedicated to people experiencing the moment they have available to them NOW. The past and present are really irrelevant because all you truly have is the moment in front of you. The more you work with that the more peace, creativity and happiness you can bring into your life.

Blogs will range from business to personal topics to ensure balance between the practical application and theory of living in the moment.

Enjoy the journey!