I have always loved the idea of being able to start my own business but not have to mess with tracking sales, insurance, employees, rent, and all the other things that go along with a traditional brick and motor business.

Network Marketing has over the years fit that bill for me, but I just never could sustain my enthusiasm around the marketing methods all my sponsors were asking me to do .  Like, talk to strangers in a coffee shop and hand them samples of my goods and then follow-up with these poor souls in hopes they might be at a point in their life where they want to do a business or buy my product for life.  NOT!

I tried so many companies I can’t even count because of my basic belief that fundamentally this was a GREAT business model.  At some point I gave up and started my own busienss and sufferred through crazy business partners, employees, rent, insurance, taxes, you name it.

Then I found that people were teaching a way to bring customers and people that were already interested in starting an internet business TO them with a pull system called THE INTERNET!!!!

I have to tell you, I got fired up and have never looked back.  The internet is where you want to be if you are at all inclined to do a Network Marketing business.  You can about it on my website…

Click Here:  AllisonCarman.com

It’s an exciting time out here and its facilitating the greatest transfer of wealth this nation or world has ever seen.  So don’t be left behind..start checking it out for yourself.

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