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Life Wave: Stop Your Struggling Today

The marketing methods that the top producers are using allow for unlimited monetary potential for LifeWave. But, if you don’t know these methods, you could fall into the 97% that fail within their first 2 months.  Know what the leaders are doing and you’ll have a much better chance of making your financial and life goals with this business and in this incredible industry.

I came up with the 6 most important concepts that will help you and your team succeed against the odds.


Promise yourself that you’ll work your business hard for at least a year and don’t compare yourself to others. I was in Corporate America when I started back up in MLM and I told myself it could take a year or more before I built up my business.  So I was mentally geared up to be in it for the long run.  Don’t question or look back until you’ve formed at least a basic level of success.


There are three things you have to do in LifeWave; recruit distributors, move LifeWave product, and teach your distributors to do the same.

  • Pinpoint which steps are going to get you nearer to moving your product daily.
  • Know the steps that will allow you to achieve your goal and that are in your control, like following up on leads, getting your message on the internet through Adwords, article marketing, video marketing, etc.
  • Don’t participate in any activity that is not income producing. 
  • Make a goal every day of completing 5 things that gets you closer to your success.
  • Give 2-3 hours a day on finishing those steps. 
  • Make a list each night before you go to bed,  of the 5 things you’ll do to get closer to your goal.
  • Make a commitment to yourself to complete your list every day.  And of course, make another list for the next day.

Not doing this will guarantee you won’t reach your goal any time soon.


Treating LifeWave like a real business with a marketing plan will have huge payoffs. Like any other marketing plan, the point is to attract people that like you and your business.  It costs a lot of time, money and heartache on your part to do it any other way. 

Using the internet and attraction marketing is an excellent plan to market and sell your business.   You’ll draw people to you and sponsor people who are interested in an MLM business to join.

You want to put most of your energy into your internet marketing because it will pay off the biggest in the long run.  People who like your business will naturally be attracted to you.


Determine who your target market is and focus your marketing efforts towards them.  Position yourself so they can know, like and trust you.

At first, I was reluctant to talk about my years as a corporate executive and then I realized that this experience is a great asset to the MLM community. I let people know about me and I write in my own voice with my own style which makes me unique and attractive to people that relate with me.

You’ll never have to feel as if you’re convincing again.


When I had my first team in 2005, I felt so responsible for them.   If they floundered, I would stop recruiting and start training and it was very difficult to keep up with all their needs.  As a result, my business stopped growing and my team disappeared. 

Having a system let’s your team learn on their own with you as support. It provides the structure you and your team need to reach your goals.

What you want is a simple system that creates a standard process for your business and allows you to move quickly. The basic things your system must have are website creation, lead generation and automatic follow up with your leads.


You have to have a good mentor to help you see your way through internet marketing. It’s very easy to spin your wheels and waste a lot of time and energy before you finally find your footing in this business. 

Having a teacher and guide is crucial to being able to do it fast and effectively. 

Working on your business with an understanding of these basic 6 elements will drive you and your team to the success you want.

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