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Zrii Health Drink Business: The 5 Deadly Sins That Will Kill Your Success

Your Zrii health drink business has unlimited financial possibilities as long as you know how to use the new school marketing methods of the top producers in the Network Marketing industry. But, if you don’t, you could fall into the 97% that fail within their first 2 months. Understand the new basics before going in and you’ll have a much better chance of making your financial and life goals with this business and in this incredible industry. I’ve pulled together 5 deadly sins that I believe will make the difference between success and failure in your Zrii health drink business.

Zrii Health Drink Sin #1: Not keeping your promise to work the business. A lot of people get excited about the possibilities of having their own business but don’t understand that they will have to follow instructions and do what it takes to build their Zrii business. When I started my business in 2005, I remember this feeling in the bottom of my stomach and I realized it was fear. I promised myself right then and there that I would push through that feeling whenever it came up. I also promised myself to stay in the business for at least a year and do the activity it required. Understand that you will want to give yourself at least 90 days for a learning curve and not to look back until you have some level of success.

Zrii Health Drink Sin #2: Being busy does not mean you are working your business. A business does not exist unless product is moved and money is exchanged. Money is not made unless product is moved. There are three things you have to do in your Zrii business that will make your product move; recruiting distributors, selling Zrii, and the overall production of the Zrii organization. For those hours that you have dedicated to doing your business each day, don’t participate in any activity that is not income producing. Make goals of the number of units to be moved, number of recruits into your business, etc. These goals all move product. Now what are the activities that are proven to get to those goals the fastest? This is a business and it’s not okay to call checking your email income producing. Each night before you go to bed, make a list of 5 things you will get you closer to your goal. The next morning promise yourself to get them done before you go to bed. And of course, make another list for the next day. Monitor these activities and when you got them done. If you don’t do this, you are guaranteed to waste a lot of time and money.

Zrii Health Drink Sin #3: Thinking your business does not need marketing. You want to think regular business here. If you started any other business you would prepare a marketing plan. Your Zrii business is no different. Using the internet and attraction marketing is an excellent plan to market and sell your business. You will attract people to you and sponsor people who are interested and looking for an MLM business to join. So, focus most if not all of your first few weeks on developing your internet marketing and draw people to you that are like you and have the same hunger and drive you do. Set a goal to add at least one new distributor per day. As you build your momentum, you will be amazed at how much fun you will be having as your business absolutely explodes.

Zrii Health Drink Sin #4: Everyone is NOT your customer; you must target your market. You want to market your business professionally and in a way that people interested in your business are attracted to you. You can’t be everything to everybody so identify the type of person and the qualities you are looking for in a recruit for your business. Positioning makes all the difference in the world. You want them to know, like and respect you. Use your past life experience and you’ll be able to relate to their problems and issues that are similar to yours. When I first started this business, I was afraid to tell people my past and felt it would diminish what I was doing. Later I realized that all those past experiences and careers made me completely relatable to people from several areas of life. It’s funny how your first instinct is to throw everything you knew out the window and start all over. Once I learned how to just be myself and talk to the common struggles I had with people, they were able to see if the business was right for them or not. Learn how to attract people into your business by positioning your business in front of people who are already looking for what you have, and you never have to feel as if you are convincing again.

Zrii Health Drink Sin #5: Trying to have a team without a system for them to plug into. When I had my first team in 2005, I felt so obligatedto them and they were floundering so much that I stopped recruiting and started training. Because I was learning the business too, it was very difficult to keep up with all the gaps there were in the training. A system for you and your team to plug into that has training, website creation, lead generation and automatic follow up to your leads is crucialto the success of your Zrii business. This is just too hard and takes to much time to do on your own. What you want is a simple system that creates a standard process for your business and allows you to move quickly toward your business goals. A good system will allow you have incredible Zrii business success.