Have you ever noticed when something really bothers you it becomes a story you tell for a long time in your head and out loud to others.

You become angry or worried and all you can do is focus on the “wrong”  the situation or person is.  Then blame quickly follows.

After a couple years of submersing myself into the teachings of Abraham Hicks and the “Law of Attraction”, I’ve found that these times are really “OPPORTNITIES”.  They are a perfect time to really define what you want.

Instead of saying “This isn’t enough money for what I’m doing” when you get your paycheck, which is coming from a position of lack, you can turn it around and say “I want to the ability to make unlimited amounts of money.”, which is coming from a position of empowerment.   If that is too far a leap for you and it just doesn’t ring true yet, then start with something a little smaller like, “I like being rewarded fairly for my skills and talents”.

Here’s a quick challenge if you care to try it:  Take a day and make it your mission htat through out the day you will recognize when you are speaking and focusing on what you DON’T want .  Then, out of that contrasting moment,  make a conscious effort to identify what you really DO want.

I guarantee that you will gain awareness of how often you focus on the what you DON’T want giving you so many opportunities to be able to define what you DO want!!!